Tree Health & Safety Survey.

Any owner of land containing trees has a legal duty to maintain their condition so that forseeable damage to people or property does not occur due to tree failure (Occupiers Liability Act 1954/1980). Failure to do so may leave those responsible for the trees liable.

AVTCL will provide a professional tree hazard assessment that will enable the landowner or manager to minimise the risk of damage or injury caused by the trees in their care.

Our consultants will discuss your requirements and advise you of an appropriate level of consultancy to meet with your needs.

Tree inspections are undertaken from ground level, providing detailed analysis of defects and their consequence. Where defects require closer examination we offer climbing inspections. Where necessary we have in-house Decay Detection Equipment which assists in making informed recommendations. Recommendations can be prioritised for budgeting reasons, and an inspection frequency is drawn up so that funds are not wasted surveying healthy trees.

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